The student anthology TRIEBWERK appears for the ninth time this year. The new issue includes a diverse selection of comics and illustrations, which were created during the last two semesters in the class for Illustration & Comic at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with Prof. Hendrik Dorgathen and LfbA Paula Bulling. A total of 27 students with different personal backgrounds, working methods, and freely chosen topics contributed to this book. It is all the more impressive how round and closed the project has become. Last but not least, a homogeneous color concept as well as the wonderful illustrations of the student Daniela Heller on the cover and intermediate pages, create a visual framework for the various works.
With contributions from: Aileen Ahlert, Lois Brendel, Inga-Lisa Burmester, Laura Dörner, Samirah Frank, Stefan Hahn, Daniela Heller, Karen Hertfelder, Jiaqi Hou, Laura Ita, Lingyu Jin, Verena Kern, Minjung Kim, Yu Kim, Melanie Lüdtke, Iván McGill, Melanie Mendetzki, Georgina Mowwe, Jolanda Obleser, Marlene Ochs, Jessica Pelz, Carolin Pysalski, Maryam Soleimanirad, Katrien Tanghe, Jonas Töpfer , Jia You, Anne Zimmermann.