Dinner is served! The students of the class for Illustration & Comics at the Kunsthochschule Kassel are offering a diverse menu of comics, cartoons and illustrations. There is something for every taste: from stories about unusual everyday encounters to poetic animal fables and maritime eroticism.

The student anthology “Triebwerk” is published for the tenth time this year. It features a varied selection of comics and illustrations, created in the previous semesters in the class for
Illustration & Comics at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with Professor Hendrik Dorgathen and LfbA Robert Deutsch and Klara Charlotte Zeitz. Students with different personal backgrounds, working methods and freely chosen contents have contributed to this book. A uniform color concept and the wonderful illustrations by the student Ebony Schneeweiß on the cover pages provide a visual framework for the various works. 

With contributions from: Frieda Bauer, Lois Brendel, Inga-Lisa Burmester, Tessi Cuko, Laura Dörner, Sebastian Gneiting, Yue Guan, Stefan Hahn, Daniela Heller, Karen Hertfelder, Jiaqi Hou, You Jia, Melanie Lüdtke, Anna Metta, Sophie Nicklas, Marlene Ochs, Jolanda Obleser, Carolin Pysalski, Robin Rösing, Viktoriia Rozentsveih, Ebony Schneeweiß, Hyunsoo Shin, Nicole Skrzypczyk, Jiyeong Tak und Chiny Udeani.