The sequel of KIINbetween #1 was created for the Ultimate Disaster Show at Rotopol and ties in with the turbulent events that has been happening around the “Super Villain Familie’s” estate.

Previously on The Super Villain Family:
“Xenovisionary” and her husband “Shell Girl” live together with their hyperactive son “Jape Jester” in the middle of nowhere. “Girlemperor” is also living there. The family hates the house but “Girlemperor” wants to fight for it. “Shell Girl” uses his super shell-power against “Girlemperor”. She’s a nordic girl and loves shells, so she wants to eat “Shell Girl”. “Xenovisionary” attacks her to save her husband – but there comes “Broil Prophet” to protect her beloved “Girlemperor”. She’s attacking “Xenovisionary”. “Shell Girl” wants to help but “Broil Prophet” just laughes at him and shows him her power. “Shell Girl” dies. “Girlemperor” wants to die as well, but “Broil Prohpet” is looking after her. “Xenovisionary” turns into “Flambéed Xenovisionary” and swears horrible revenge. Since that moment, “Girlemperor” wasn’t seen again.

KIIN.between #2 – The Ultimate Disaster
ISBN 978-3-940304-80-3
28 pages, b/w, 14.8 x 21 cm
limited edition (100), numbered