A group of cosmic entities get together in vast space for a scientific workshop. Their initially low-brow experiments with textures and matter take form by and by. Finally the most sensitive one in the group, Ablavar, made a major invention: He creates earth and all animals living on it. For that he’s admired by all his class mates. Except Zantek. He sabotages Ablavar’s genesis and creates mankind in return. For these “Hu-mans” life on the new planet is no walk in the park, but they learn to stand their ground very quickly. Soon they not only fought their way up to the top of the food chain but also took the recreation of their world in their own hands.

“A rather cusrious level of detail
considering the limited
dimensional representation …”

In his genesis Jesse Jacobs tells the story of spacy divine visions and earthly struggles for life with extraordinary artistic skill. By This Shall You Know Him teames classic comic book storytelling with outstanding illustration art. The result is a complex visual cosmos full of bizarre characters and hypnotic shapes.

(This extract shows a selection of pages from the book.)

By This Shall You Know Him was originally published in Canada by the fantastic Koyama Press.

Press Comments:
“Reading, like a deep, exciting dream you don’t want to wake up from quickly.” – Bastian Küllenberg, Intro
Translated from English by Thomas Wellmann.