With the first rays of sunlight, we wake up in the house of an adventurer. We get up, put on our clothes, have breakfast, and pack our belongings because we are about to set off on a journey: We get on a bike, take the bus and glide through the clouds on a plane. We sink to the bottom of the ocean, set foot in a jungle, encounter wild animals, investigate caves and palaces, wander through the mountains, and uncover a secret.

“Thank you alarm clock, thank you shoes, thank you pebble, thank you horizon…” The duo Icinori reinterprets the concept of the word picture book by thanking an everyday object that has become invisible through our daily routines on each page. Each element leads to the next one and so, piece by piece, an exciting story unfolds with dramatic and wonderful events.

Release date: September 2024
Preorder Special: All pre orders of this book will come with a small surprise!