It’s such a thing with diplomacy in the animal kingdom. You often have different views, but generally try not to step on anyone’s paws or claws too much. But what if the mouse is a racist? And the weasel looks so damn delicious?

„A heart covered in fur and feathers
A throb in a meager chest
A friend with a beak or snout
At home or far away
Baron Vogelfrei and Prince Schappi“

In her latest book “Schappi”, Anna Haifisch blurs the boundaries between humans and animals in a subtle way. In five collected short stories carnivores and herbivores meet at a nerve-wracking congress, we get to know a merciless, art-collecting lizard, meet dancing ostriches and a melancholy meditating octopus. With the usual wit and charm, Anna Haifisch tells of the everyday struggle in the steppe or on the drawing table, of self-imposed isolation and friendship. At the end of the day there is hope, even for crying weasels.