Super heroes are society’s idols who are constantly busy saving us out of the deadly claws of evil. So they act like the worlds cleaners who have to take care of all the mess of those who really make the world go round: SUPER VILLAINS.
The world is full of them and as often as you might meet a hero you also meet their evil nemesis or their minions: They can appear as Zorgon – Dolphin King of the Seventh Galaxy, your evil neighbour, a company or a government official or your favorite conspiracy theory. Of course we’re all attracted by the light but we’re also curious to have a glimpse into darkness.
Together with you we want to find out who’s behind all that nasty stuff that’s going on in the world!

Vernissage on
Friday, November 25, 2011 at 8 pm
at Rotopol
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 95
34119 Kassel, Germany

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday
10:00 am — 1:30 pm
2:30 pm — 18:00 pm

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With artwork from: Daniel von BothmerDaniel ClarkeMelanie ClimentBrun CroesAlexander DraudeMarkus FärberRenaud ForestieRita FürstenauInes Christine GeißerKirsten Carina GeißerKarlo GhokasianLea HeinrichAnton van HertbruggenJesse JacobsHellen JoWarwick Johnson CadwellAndrea KalfasNic KleinNicolas MahlerMichael MeierNiark1Aurélie NeyretVicto NgaiMaike PlenzkeNadine RedlichLisa RöperBene RohlmannIsabel SeligerSebastian StammLiesbeth de SterckeGuy VallezBrecht VandenbrouckeMarco WagnerThomas WellmannCheuk Yin ChanLoïc Zimmermann

Poster: Lisa Röper