Time never stands still in Dackeltal, because there is plenty to discover. Lotte tries her hand at wildlife filming, with a scare game Mangold keeps her friends in suspense, and Nika continues to explore the world of music with her guitar. Between snow flurries and homemade favorite ice cream, an Easter celebration with a turbulent egg hunt and a scary night outdoors, the three friends always find time for their own ideas and dreams. And what could be better than going on vacation together and exploring the coast?

In twelve new episodes, the third volume of the popular children’s comic series reminds us once again how great it is to have friends. Because not only adventures, but also life’s challenges can be tackled much better together – whether it’s dealing with little siblings or big disappointments, when dad brings home a new girlfriend and a competition causes all kinds of excitement. One thing is certain: there’s always something going on with Nika, Lotte and Mangold!

Release date: Mai 2023
Preorder Special: All pre orders of this book will come with a poster and a set of postcards!