This time we have something for all bliny, borscht and balalaika lovers. You may already guess, it must be something about Russia. More precisely it’s about the people who live there: RUSSIANS. For this topic we invited nearly 40 illustrators from 8 different countries, to give free rein to their cliché, their admiration, their fears, their knowledge or any other emotion about these people. Let’s be honest, we’re talking about Russia a lot but do we really know enough about the people who live there? Maybe this show motivates us to learn more about this interesting culture.

You can visit the show until January 28, 2009 from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

With artwork from: Alberto Vazquez, Alexander Gellner, Ben Newman, Daria Rychkova, Dustin d’Arnault, Francis Vallejo, Frederik Jurk, Gal Shkedi, Gax, Hendrik Dorgathen, Ines Christine Geisser, Israel Sanchez, Jean Jullien, Johannes Kalden, Josh Cochran, Karlo Ghokasian, Kisten Carina Geisser, Larissa Bertonasko, Lisa Röper, Loïc Zimmermann, Markus Färber, Markus Lefrançois, Masha, Mcbess, Michael Meier, Mooe, Nadine Cesson, Nic Klein, Nina Kaun, Rene Rogge, Reuno, Rita Fürstenau, Roman Klonek, Sandra Juto, Scott Campbell, Sergey Nikolaev, Solnstev Gleb, Stuart Kolakovic, Trystan Bates, Ulf K.