Nr.9, übernehmen Sie!!! – that is the title of Nic Klein’s first solo-show at Rotopol that presents a big selection of original by the Kassel based illustrator. Nic Klein made his mark in the international comic and entertainment industry because of his individual style. It’s no surprise that he is hired by major companies like MarvelDC Comics,Image ComicsWizards of The CoastPaniniTop CowSimon & Schuster,Microsoft gamesEgmont Ehapa and many more. Since we started Rotopolpress back in 2007 Nic Klein is closely connected with the Rotopol family. He is also co-editor of our mini-comic-anthology DOLOR. Reasons enough to dedicate an exhibition to him.

Nic Klein is a true master in combining digital and traditional painting techniques and he added his own style to covers for various comic series like Superman, New Warriors or Star Lord mit seinen Covern seine künstlerische Handschrift verpasst.

American author Ivan Brandon teamed up with Nic Klein for the comic saga Viking – The Long Cold Fire that was widely acclaimed by critics as a “Crime book for the 9th century”. Lately Brandon and Klein worked together with Brian Azzarello to breathe new life into DC-veteran Doc Savage.

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