Andere Bücher braucht das Land

Andere Bücher braucht das Land

Wir waren mal wieder unterwegs: Dieses Mal in München und zwar vom 22. bis 24. November. Das Literaturhaus München hatte zum Markt der unabhängigen Verlage geladen. Es gab nicht nur einen Rotopolpress Stand, sondern auch eine Ausstellung mit einer Auswahl an Arbeiten aus unserer Super Villain - und Ultimate Disaster Show.

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 01

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 02

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 03

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 04

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 05

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 06

Neben der Ausstellung und unserem Stand gab es auch noch einen Zeichenworkshop für Kinder. Die Knirpse hatten jede Menge Spaß mit den beiden Workshopleitern Lisa Röper und Michael Meier.

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 07

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 08

Andere Bücher braucht das Land 09

 Andere Bücher braucht das Land

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Grafixx 2013

Grafixx 2013 / zine fest – lectures – shows
November 30, at 12 pm
De Studio in Antwerp, Belgium

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Pictures from the Comicfestival Hamburg

Here are some impressions from the Comicfestival Hamburg. It was very nice.


First of all ground pork (and roast beef)!


Our press agent Sarah Omar is checking teh freshly printed Pimo & Rex by Thomas Wellmann.


The Ultimate Disaster Show in the Centro Sociale.



Michael Meier is doing something with type.


Lisa Röper is hanging the show.

  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_21
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_22
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_23

The space was limited so we couldn’t show the whole exhibition. There was work by: Rita Fürstenau, Thomas Wellmann, Ugo Gattoni, Lisa Röper, Melanie Climent, Maike Plenzke, Guy Vallez, Michael Meier, Jesse Jacobs, Mikkel Sommer, Anton van Hertbruggen, Markus Färber, Lea Heinrich and Isabel Seliger.


Michael Meier and Sarah Omar …


… and Heiner Fischer and Thomas Wellmann are pretending expert knowledge …


… finally they’re surrendering to their nescience and decide that everything is funny.

  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_26
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_25
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_24

The people liked it.


One high light was the Pimo & Rex reading by Thomas Wellmann


… professionally introduced by Sarah Omar.


The Golden Trickster


… entertains the masses.

  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_12
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_13
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_11

After the reading Thomas Wellmann was busy signing.

  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_02
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_03
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_06
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_05
  • comicfestivalhamburg2013_04

Of course we also had a booth at the fair at GWA St. Pauli.

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Angoulême 2013 in Pictures

We survived the 40th International Festival de la Bande Dessinée in Agoulême and we’ve been stunned again how many great comics the French unload every year. It was very noticable that more an more non-French indie publishers and art collectives got a space at the Espace BD Alternative. We hope that this progress will be supported by festival’s officials. You could see that other European non-Francophonic publishing houses have more and more interest in presenting themselves in Angoulême. Because the French audience welcomes these publishing houses with open arms. We’re looking forward to next year’s festival.



A laid-back journey, thanks to our luxurious ride.


The nice city of Angoulême.


Michael Meier, Rita Fürstenau and Thomas Wellmann inspecting the well prepared stand … (not in the picture, because she was behind the camera: Lisa Röper)


Thomas Wellmann and Michael Meier seem pleased with the final result.


Food, food, food! (2x Michael Meier, Lisa Röper, Rita Fürstenau)


Thomas Wellmann got a new 360° picture app on his iPod.




Some people visited the festival as well.





Markus Färber signing his book Reprobus.


Ah yes, there was also the “Table Tennis Tournament of Death”. Team Rotopol (Wellmann, Meier) failed epical.

  • angouleme35
  • angouleme36
  • angouleme29
  • angouleme30
  • angouleme31
  • angouleme32
  • angouleme33
  • angouleme34


Don’t miss the nice French food.



Of course we bought a lot of nice books but three of them catched our eyes:


CANOPÉE by Karin Bernadou (Atrabile)


PANPI & GORRI – Spécialistes de L’Aventure by Marie Novion (Éditions Grain de Sel)


EUGÈNE by Quentin Vijoux (Michel Lagarde Éditions)

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Angoulême 2013

There we go! On January 31st, 2013 starts the 40. Festival International de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême. You will find our booth with the number F24 in the Espace BD Alternative at Place New York. We are already pretty excited and will present one of our new books. See you there.

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Rotopol in Hamburg

On the last weekend of Septemberwochenende we’ve been at the Comicfesitval Hamburg. Next to our two new releases I Guess I’m Floating by Isabel Seliger and Markus Färber’s comic debut Reprobus, we presented Karagöz, a zine with stories by Thomas WellmannNadine RedlichRita FürstenauLisa RöperMichael MeierSefan LompMax FiedlerAndreas SchusterWarwick Johnson Cadwell and Olaf Albers.

We were really happy that two of our friends from Berlin visited us at our booth: Mikkel Sommmer and Bene Rohlmann.

The great location had plenty of space. Not only Avant Verlag was there but also Edition ModerneReprodukt and Mamiverlag.

It was great, thanks a lot!

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Comic Festival Hamburg

The Comic Festival Hamburg starts today. There will be great exhibitions and a small fair. We will have a booth there to present some new projects. See you there.

Saturday, September 29, 2012 — 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday, September 30, 2012 — 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Kölibri / GWA St. Pauli e.V.
Hein-Köllisch-Platz 11 + 12
20359 Hamburg

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Designspielplatz 0.2

Tomorrow from 11:00 pm to 6:00 pm we’re at the 2. Designspielplatz at the arm in Kassel. See you there.

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Comic Salon 2012

We survived the 15th International Comic Salon in Erlangen 2012 and we’re back home. First of all a huge THANK YOU to every one who was helping so bravely with our stnad, transport and supplies. It was a great festival, where we met a lot of artist and publishing colleagues. This year we could realise that the audience that is attracted by comics and comic art is is becoming larger and more diversified. So thanks to alle guest and their positiv feedback.

Because one shouldn’t avoid a challange, we chose the smallest car on the planet as our transporter this year. However nearly everything fit in and Mrs. Fürstenau was stashed professionally and space-saving.

This time we wanted to build a variant version of our patented cardboard booth. But first we had to assemble nearly 50 cardboard boxes.

While Mrs. Fürstenau is already rolling up her sleeves, Mr. Meier is standing around still aimlessly …

… only to transform our booth into a pile of crap just a couple of seconds later.

Luckily we could trust Ms. Röper’s cleverly devised behind the scenes stacking system.

Nearly done! Finally time for beer and “coq au vin”.

The calm before the storm. The colleagues came to rummage in our stuff quickly before the gates opened.

And Mr. Meier still had some time to pick at his fingernails.

On Thursday our first reading was passed with flying colors: star artist and voice wonder Thomas Wellmann performed his new comic book Renés Meditations with great acting talent and passion. It was a blast.

A lot of people were interested in our books and booklets, …

… certainly just because of the formidable selling skills from Ms. Redlich.

In the end we had many happy readers. That’s what we wanted to see!

Sandra Brandstätter and Sebastian Koch, who ranked #2 with their Neufundland magazine at the Comic Clash, visited our booth as well …

… while Mr. Meier pretended to draw.

Next to all the great exhibitions amongst others by Winsor Mccay, Lorenzo Mattotti, Charles Burns, David B., Tonto and Spiderman there could be seen some original drawings from German newspaper strips published within the past two years. Part of that were also some pages from Michael Meier’s Inferno, that was printed in the Frankfurter Rundschau from 2010 to 2011.

It was a lot of fun and we’re already excited about 2014, because after the Comic Salon is before the Comic Salon.

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