Our first Mystery Show is on! We invited a group of international illustrators for an outstanding group show at gallery +TOVA in Sofia, Bulgaria. Each artist was provided with a small mysterious cardboard box containing various found objects. The respective shape, color, feel, smell, sound or even the taste of those objects served as inspiration for a collection of beautiful illustrations. Photos of the boxes will be exhibited next to the respective illustrations. The artists are:

Emmanuel Malin (FR)
Max Fiedler (DE)
Claus-Daniel Herrmann (DE)
Manuel Kilger (DE)
Camilla Engman (SE)
Melanie Climent (FR)
Stacey Rozich (US)
Lisa Röper (DE)
Isabel Seliger (DE)
Marco Wagner (DE)
Dilraj Mann (UK)
Hellen Jo (US)
Michael Meier (DE)

The Mystery Show #1