Die Rotopolen fahren nach London: Als Teil der “Magic Friends” für die The Folding Knife Ausstellung von Mcbess bei The Book Club.

04. August 2011 von 18.00 – 2.00 Uhr
The Book Club
100 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4RH

Das komplette Line-up besteht aus: McbessNicolas TualMooeGhislain GarlinEditions CopainsRotopolQuentinKoaSimonGuillaume

»This August, highly regarded French illustrator, McBess (aka Matthieu Bessudo) will be exhibiting previously unseen canvas work, prints and 3D objects at The Book Club. His fascinatingly intricate work provides snapshots of his own experiences and is a contemplative diary of illustrative creations. The Folding Knife contemplates both current and childhood memories from which the title of the exhibition was born. A folding knife was a childhood keepsake of Matthieu’s and also reflects the detailed nature of his work. Don’t Panic commented on McBess ‘he’s so wonderfully French that he can make what would otherwise be freaky cartoon porn seem lovely and whimsical’. […]

McBess has also invited artists and close friends who have inspired him, to create new works for the exhibition. In keeping with the McBess format, all pieces created will be black and white.«