We just started the pre-order of the long-awaited latest comic book by Thomas Wellmann hat begonnen. Pimo & Rex tells the story of two gallant bon vivants who don’t miss out on any adventure. On their steeds they bomb down the woods. The worries life as an artist involves are already forgotten when entering the next tavern, at last Rex has great news to announce. His fiancé Leopold finally has proposed to him, garnished with a magical betrothal gift: an enchanted scroll able to teleport Rex home immediately in time of need. Not knowing how useful this gift will be the two friends are celebrating the happy event.


Two exciting adventures with the two daredevil heroes await you in Pimo & Rex. Now you can pre-order the German and the English edition in our online shop. As of October 1st, 2013 the english edition of Pimo & Rex will be available at Blank Slate Books and Forbidden Planet as well. Only at our online shop the fastest pre-orderers can look forward to an exclusive limited print for free.