We postet no news for nearly 2 months! That was quite along time. We’re all back from Vienna and everybody is fine. Thanks again to Heinz Wolf and Nicolas Mahler from Kabinett and to the MuseumsQuartier Vienna who gave us the opportunity to live and work there for 2 months! Don’t worry photos that proof our trip will follow soon.

That are the rotopol network news:

CDs! Or more precisely the album “Head Held High On Fearsome Pride” by schwedish singer/songwriters Björn Kleinhenz. This album is now available at rotopolpress and comes together with a 2 color screen print by Alexander DraudeNina KaunLisa RöperRita Fürstenau and Michal Meier. More about this project at our shop.

A new booklet by René Rogge: “Conversation Between A Fox And A Ninja”. Even Ninjas need to talk sometimes.

And last but not least: the “kiin zine”. The Geißer Sisters joined forces to start a magazine. Kirsten Carina and Ines Chirstine are “kiin” and “wintertime” is the first issue. 50 numbered copies wait for their new happy owners.