Shimmering Heights – fresh from the printer

Lisa Röper’s latest 2.60 m leporello SHIMMERING HEIGHTS has arrived fresh from the printer. We’re in love with this big beauty. But see for yourself:

(Deutsch) Sebastian Stamm für arte

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(Deutsch) Neulich am Kölner Bahnhof

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anywhere but here: Isabel Seliger

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Mcbess Summer Sale

Why spending money on a holiday? For a holiday in a hotel, where the cockroaches drive you out of the bathroom, where the buffet lunch tastes as bad as grandpa’s house slippers smell, and where your pesky colleague with the questionable sense of humor is waving cheerfully from across the other side of the pool. […]

Poster Award for Markus Färber

After he won the award one of the most beautiful German books in 2012 for his debut book Reprobus, Markus Färber has officially been awarded as one of the best German poster designers. For the jury of the 100 beste Plakate e.V. Markus’ poster series for the Junge Theater Göttingen is among the 100 best […]

Jesse Jacob’s Pre-Order Screenrpint

That’s how it looks like: The pre-order screenrpint for Jesse Jacob’s German debut of By This Shall You Know Him. The first 100 customers who order one of his books will get this numbered print for free.

Anton van Hertbruggen on “It’s Nice That”

Anton van Hertbruggen spoke with Anna Trench from about his work and working-habits. Memoires of a Suburban Utopia

In Process: Tea Towels

A little sneak peek at the upcoming set of tea towels German illustrator and Rotopole Rita Fürstenau is currently working on.