With his new book, Jesse Jacobs guides us into eerie worlds that are governed by strange physical and biological laws. Like in a bestiary, the artist explores the dangerous ecosystems that can lurk on barren landscapes and behind unremarkable building facades.

“Dark Energies” gathers two narratives that offer a grotesque twist of classic motifs of literature. An infant is raised in a desolate landscape by monstrous creatures. With a mixture of gratitude and disgust, the child observes this unknown species whose cycle of life and reproduction unfolds in a wonderfully surreal way. The second narrative follows a young couple on a real estate inspection. The house they intend to buy, however, has other plans for them. In the tradition of the haunted house genre, the supposed home turns into a dark “Unheim”.

Translated from English by Leo Flemisch.

Release date: September 2023
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