Marie Novion

Marie Novion was born in France in 1983, she grew up in the Basque country where she has certainly befriended too many dogs and animals in general. After artistic studies at the School of Image of Epinal, and the Beaux-Arts of Saint-Etienne, she moved to Lyon and founded La Maison Komiki with Gaëlle Alméras to be able to create whatever they please! With a few faithful companions, they are now micro-editing a fanzine, posters and singular objects. Installed in the workshop Palace Rouville Marie is an author-illustrator for youth press. Her work includes the comic Panpi & Gorri which is published quarterly in the funny French magazine Georges. A first album compiling some of their adventures was published by Grains de Sel in 2012. (2014 by Rotopolpress)