On June 30, 2011 Tokonoma Bar is presenting the release party of the 6th issue of the KIIN-zine! It starts at 10:00 pm at Galerie Loyal, Werner-Hilpert-Str. 22 in Kassel.

»On that dignified day Tokonoma is honored to present exclusively the new 6th issue of the Kiin Zine published by Rotopolpress! The new zine of the Geißer-sisters (students and local heroes of the School of Art and Design Kassel and the Burg Giebischenstein Halle) is about “Frozen”. Guest artist: Daniel Frederik Django Caspar Aerport Hans Freiherr von Bothmer. We will have a splendid exhibition with ultra new artwork of Kiin and freezing cool mood music. There will be drinks and snacks with “Frozen” shit or so as well. A high quality night of culture. A must-go!«